How to install Binary Challenge™ App?

Click here to install Binary Challenge™ from your favorite App Store:

iOS: Apple’s App Store    Android: Google’s Play Store

I’m stuck converting numbers

You can try out the “Explain” function inside Binary Challenge App. It will show you a step by step explanation for every conversion step. To go there, just start a game, try to guess the numbers and if you got it wrong, click the “Explain” notification.

For general information about binary and other numeral systems, visit http://www.binaryground.com/

What are binary numbers?

Binary numbers display their value with only two symbols, 0 and 1. Learn more

What are quaternary numbers?

Quaternary numbers display their value with four different symbols, 0, 1, 2 and 3. Learn more

What are hexadecimal numbers?

Hexadecimal numbers display their value with 16 different symbols, 0-9 and A-F. Learn more

I’d like to remove the ads or enable more options!

You can remove the ads and immediately enable features like “hexadecimal” and all bit-sizes via in-app purchases. To access the in-app purchase screen:

  1. Go to the main setup screen in Binary Challenge (where you can select the numeral system, bit-size and mode)
  2. Tap the little “star” on the right of the screen (next to the bit-sizes)
  3. Select the in-app purchase of your choice

I can’t enter the leaderboards.

On iOS devices you need to be logged into the Game Center. This is done by opening the Game Center App and login there.

On Android devices you need to log into Google Play Games. The dialog for that is automatically opened the first times you start Binary Challenge. If you like to open it manually you can click the Android-Icon in the main screen menu of Binary Challenge.